Community Services

Community Services has a central part to play in our ambitious plans – and we hope you will too. (For the record, several senior managers in this highly regarded department have gone on to take up Head of Service roles in London).

The Department has 70 staff, deployed across four main sections:

  • Commercial and Contract Services (covering waste collection, parks and green spaces, sport and leisure management and procurement and contracts management).
  • Culture and Heritage (covering markets, museums, arts and culture and the delivery of visitor services).
  • Property and Assets (covering the Council’s property portfolio, infrastructure, sustainability and building services).
  • Community Partnerships (covering community engagement with ward councillors, parishes and community groups, equalities and inclusion, community events and voluntary sector funding).

Working closely with private sector partners is a key element in our success. Whichever of the current roles you choose, we’ll look to you to cultivate and develop effective working relationships with a broad range of key stakeholders, from politicians and community groups to contractors and local businesses.