Legal, Democratic and Regulatory Services

Legal, Democratic and Regulatory Services has overall responsibility for the provision of the Council’s Democratic, Legal, Land Charges, Electoral and Regulatory Services to Council Departments and our clients.

The Department employs 60 staff within three main sections:

Legal and Land Charges:

Providing a comprehensive and effective legal advice and support service to departments over a range of areas, including procurement and contract management, conveyancing, managing the Right to Buy scheme and providing a local land charges service to our customers.

Democratic Services:

Managing and co-ordinating committee business, scrutiny support, planning appeals and charitable collections, as well as managing and developing the mayoral and member support services and promoting democratic engagement.

Regulatory Services:

Leading on the provision of Regulatory services, including food safety, health and safety, noise complaints, pest control, licensing; developing our car parking strategy and the management of our car parking contract, to ensure parking provision is delivered as a good service to customers; dealing with appeals relating to parking enforcement, pollution control and contaminated land.